Volcanoes Top Trumps

Volcanoes Top Trumps, in partnership with Winning Moves Ltd, official designers of Top Trumps. With the special packs you find on sale here we used start up funds from the University of Plymouth to buy these packs. Any of the…

Our Categories

Choosing categories for the game was one of the most fun, but challenging tasks for the Volcanoes Top Trumps team. So we spoke to the gurus at Top Trumps HQ and got some advice from them. We wanted to mix having lots…

Our Volcanoes

There are over 1500 active volcanoes around the world, and about 20-50 are actually erupting at any one time.  With so many volcanoes across so many countries, how could we possibly choose just 30?? The answer is, with difficulty! We…

Stop Press!

29th November. The cards are here!


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