Volcanoes Top Trumps Fund

elvolcanesmivecinoAll of our profits from the sale of the cards  will go  help people affected by volcanic activity.

We hope to use this to provide money for exciting and innovative projects that help people affected by volcanic activity or develop new ways to communicate about volcanic hazards.

There is now a second set of cards, basically the same, made in collaboration with TopTrumps (WinningMoves). These are currently available on Amazon, at the Natural History Museum and in some Waterstones. We do still get a Royalty for these cards – so although those ones are  a little cheaper a higher % from the cards sold via Plymouth e-store goes directly to our fund!

The start up funds for this exciting venture were provided by the the University of Plymouth, the University of East Anglia’s ADEE fund;  and by Oxford Sparks (University of Oxford)- thank you!