Written in Stone

Funding from the  first Volcanoes Top Trumps Community Fund was won by Tierra del Volcan. They are a tourism company local to Cotopaxi volcano, founded in the principles of eco-tourism and sustainable development. They created ‘Written in Stone’. This is a unique collection of stories that record the myths or legends about the land around Cotopaxi.

Maria Jose Andrade of Tierra del Volcan with the artist who helped the children illustrate their stories.

These stories were as told by the children of the local primary school. They listened to the tales their parents and grandparents told them. The funds from our Competition contributed towards the costs of recording the stories, creating the artwork and printing the book.  Here are the authors at the launch in their School in September 2018;

Money from the sales in bookshops and at Tierra del Volcano’s hacienda is creating a fund. This fund will improve the lives of the children and wider communities. The book and this work helps to  increase their awareness and preparedness for volcanic activity.

We can’t sell these books individually but if you think you might be interested in selling them for this good cause please contact Jenni Barclay.